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We have a team of Medical Associates who assist in servicing our clients with their special skills and medical expertise. We work with medical associates such as:

Dr. Brian Zidel for Botox and Fillers and Dr. Wayne Carman MD FRCSC at The Cosmetic Surgery Institute for BOTOX®, Plastic Surgery and Fat Injections.


Client Services

Jessica and her friendly staff will greet you when you arrive. We will be happy to assist you when you need to schedule or change an appointment. Our staff will guide you in selecting the right products and services for your needs.

To better serve our client's needs, we also offer the BOOK NOW feature which will allow you to view your history and schedule 24/7.



THE LASER CLINIC® Professionals

Jessica Bell-Taliana, Clinical Director

  • Active Member ASLMS 2003-2007 (American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, Inc.) Made Fellowship in 2007
  • Certificate Permanent Hair Reduction and Vascular Lesions Training Program for Altus Cool Glide Aesthetic Laser System - Ms. Mona Sappenfield, Memphis Tennessee, 2003
  • Certificate Iridology: Nutrition and Holistic Healing - Dr Bernard Jensen, 1997
  • Teacher Director of the School of Electrolysis - Instituted by Dr Walter Cohen
  • Certified Specialist: Electrolysis - Sheridan College, 1988
  • Certified Diploma: Beauty Culture, Beauty Therapy, Applied Aesthetics - Suzanna Chowels College of Aesthetic Therapies, 1987

Jessica Taliana continues to actively study and attend various workshops, webinars and clinical forums to continue to offer our clients the most cutting edge technology and techniques. Her credentials include Teacher/Director, and her international exposure includes New York, Memphis, Stratford, Chicago and Toronto. She has been taught and inspired by the "who's who" of specialists in their fields: Ms. Mona Sappenfield, Dr. Kevin Smith, Dr. Nancy Whitmore, and Dr. Russell.

Dr. Brian Zidel Botox and Filler Specialist


Dr. Brian Zidel MD CCFP ~ Medical Associate BOTOX® and Fillers

Dr Zidel, a family physician was adept with the needle long before Botox came on the scene. Fascinated with trigger points and their role in muscular pain, he became a skilled injector in the realm of pain management. He then went on to train with Allergan, the makers of Botox, to enhance his skills. Patients benefiting from such treatment include those with migraine and tension headache, neck, back and temperomandibular joint pain.

Dr. Zidel then trained once again with Allergan in the art of Botox for cosmetic purposes. As an advanced injector, Dr. Zidel can apply his skills to various wrinkles that only a handful of physicians have been trained to do (lip lines, neck lines, frown lines).

Dr. Zidel, on several occasions, has taught other physicians the fine art of Botox Cosmetic®. This experience is yet another step in his achieving true excellence in this cosmetic art form. And now, an opportunity to apply his skills in a relaxed home setting… well, it just doesn’t get much better than that!



Picture of Pierre Ly Pierre Ly

  • Certified Micropigmentation Specialist, Dallas, United States
  • Certified in Coil, Rotary, and Manual Method
  • Sterilization and Anaesthetics
  • Science of Colour Theory
  • Lip and Brow Reshaping
  • Colour removal and corrective camouflage

Since 1997, Pierre Ly has been focusing on the art of Micropigmentation at Plastic surgeon's offices and has mastered the corrective permanent makeup for facial feature enhancement. Certified Intradermal Cosmetic Specialist from American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetic, one of the leading company, located in Dallas Texas, Pierre offers his clients a high level of professional skill, blended with keen aesthetic quality.

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